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  • Changelog

    This is a complete list of all the current series 3.X releases. For upcoming features and releases

    There are 108 releases in iCyber.me V3.X (that's 1.96 releases per month). Latest release is 09/11/2018.

    iCyber.me v3.12.2

    Released on November 8th 2018

    • Added live counter thats shows on index page/homepage total of images [10589]
    • Improved listing handle on deletion [10588]
    • Fixed bug in listing delete handle (pagination)
    • Fixed bug in top bar when using landing page [10590]
    • Fixed bug in album management (post upload) [10588]
    • Fixed bug in Google Cloud Storage [10589]

    iCyber.me v3.12.1

    Released on November 7th 2018

    • Fixed bug in missing actions after upload
    • Fixed bug in duplicated uploads affecting administrators
    • Fixed bug in not working IP ban management [10579]
    • Fixed bug in not working Categories management [10584]
    • Changed image display URL thumbnail threshold to 200 KB

    iCyber.me v3.12.0

    Released on November 6th 2018

    • Added bulk content importer
    • Added manager role
    • Added new login/sign-up page design
    • Added dashboard option to force HTTPS
    • Added guest albums
    • Added WoltLab to Lab to PUP list of supported software
    • Added binding for guest content when user logs in
    • Added fixed "Save changes" button on Dashboard > Settings
    • Added internal only redirects
    • Added password strength color indicator level
    • Added support for Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (external storage provider)
    • Added support for Azure Storage (external storage provider)
    • Added support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
    • Added support for hreflang [9695]
    • Added support for subdomain wildcards for languages and user profiles [10441]
    • Added support for universal S3 providers
    • Added top shadow mask for cover backgrounds
    • Changed global theme font (Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif)
    • Deprecated "Keep me login" option (always keep login now)
    • Fixed Chinese language handling [10279]
    • Fixed bug in dashboard view (website name error display)
    • Fixed bug in isSafeToExecute function
    • Fixed bug in listing viewer when using endless scrolling
    • Fixed bug in multiple login sessions (cookie conflicts)
    • Fixed bug in storage migration tool [10255]
    • Fixed bug in user editing [10291]
    • Fixed bug in user settings (change roles)
    • Fixed bug with cover flickering (scrollbars)
    • Fixed bugs in Spanish translation
    • Fixed memory issues with imagecreatefrombmp [10349]
    • Fixed minor PHP 7 compatibility issues
    • Fixed missing fb:app_id (Facebook app id)
    • Improved Dashboard navigation with better document titles
    • Improved header centering (flexbox)
    • Improved homepage split landing (now list trending and support pagination)
    • Improved listing performance by using "seek" method [10220]
    • Improved menu animation for mobile
    • Improved top bad display for mobile
    • PHP minimum version supported 5.6
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, German, Russian, Spanish and Thai translations
    • Updated G\

    iCyber.me v3.11.1

    Released on August 24th 2018

    • Added option to toggle album / image SEO URL
    • Added tool to migrate from one external storage to another (records)
    • Added tool to regenerate external storage stats
    • Added short URLs for content sharing
    • Changed XHR from GET to POST
    • Fixed bug in not working album page navigation
    • Fixed bug with PHP < 7 compatibility
    • Fixed bug with extra XHR redirect
    • Fixed bug in album sharing links (empty album)
    • Fixed bug in listing selection embed codes (when no image file)
    • Fixed bug in local storage (not deleting test file)
    • Fixed bug in 3.11.0 install query (dupes)

    iCyber.me v3.11.0

    Released on August 22nd 2018

    • Added SEO friendly album and image URLs
    • Added local storage (virtual external servers)
    • Added tool to migrate local image records to local storage
    • Added PUP support for WoltLab forums

    iCyber.me v3.10.18

    Released on June 30th 2018

    • Fixed bug in header [10073]

    iCyber.me v3.10.17

    Released on June 29th 2018

    • Fixed bug in forced email verification [9999]
    • Fixed bug in page links [10035]
    • Fixed bug in profile page (search box) [10033]
    • Updated German, Japanese and Vietnamese translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.16

    Released on June 6th 2018

    • Improved album description display (when empty)
    • Fixed bug in listing viewer (not working for albums, search) [9924]
    • Fixed post handling in /settings (name, bio)
    • Updated Chinese simplified and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.15

    Released on June 5th 2018

    • Added ID encoder/decoder tool [9897]
    • Improved PUP for Xenforo 2 (added SVG icon to button) [9902]
    • Fixed align issue on top bar [9901]
    • Added PUP support for Danish, Polish, Turkey and Ukrainian languages [9937]
    • Fixed bug in PUP affecting observed element click event
    • Fixed bug in wrong "create account" link being displayed [9946]
    • Fixed bug in class.upload.php (wrong datefolders) [9936]
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Turkish translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.14

    Released on May 22nd 2018

    • Added PUP support for XenForo 2
    • GDPR: Added user data export in JSON format (data portability)
    • GDPR: Added explicit check box "I agree to terms and privacy policy"
    • GDPR: Added link to privacy page under cookie law message
    • Fixed bug in Google Storage [9840]
    • Fixed bug in SQL update script (from 2.X) [9859]
    • Fixed display issue on album display (long descriptions) [9858]
    • Fixed bug in sign up button (top bar)
    • Updated Danish, French, German and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.13

    Released on April 13th 2018

    • Added support for sub-timezones (like America/Argentina/*)
    • Fixed bug in maximum image size setting causing duplicate upload check bypass [9799]
    • Added support for UTC timezone

    iCyber.me v3.10.12

    Released on April 4th 2018

    • Fixed bug in cheveretoID [9758]
    • Fixed bug in max upload size [9780,9781,9782,9785]

    iCyber.me v3.10.11

    Released on March 29th 2018

    • Fixed bug in login/signup pop-up menu off-screen [9706]
    • Fixed bug in API using guest limits when forcing an user name [9705]
    • Fixed bug in not working VK login [9727]
    • Fixed bug in album listings [9757]
    • Updated French translation

    iCyber.me v3.10.10

    Released on March 2nd 2018

    • Fixed bug in password reset process [9700]

    iCyber.me v3.10.9

    Released on February 28th 2018

    • Added support for Facebook strict URI matching (March update)
    • Improved G\ sessions check (open_basedir issue) [9680]
    • Fixed bug in personal mode listings [9697]
    • Fixed bug in image viewer (missing scroll after delete content)
    • Fixed bug in share buttons default link behavior
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, French, German, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ Library

    iCyber.me v3.10.8

    Released on January 26th 2018

    • Added support for PHP 7.2.0
    • Fixed bug in like button [9596]
    • Fixed bug in listing viewer name display [9492]
    • Updated French and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ Library

    iCyber.me v3.10.7

    Released on January 10th 2018

    • Added long-press action to display image toolbar [9541]
    • Fixed bug in drag-select feature [9542]
    • Fixed bug in not clickable albums when listing viewer is enabled [9524]
    • Fixed bug in missing action toolbar on mobile [9541]
    • Updated Chinese simplified language

    iCyber.me v3.10.6

    Released on December 28th 2017

    • Added listing viewer (prev/next) navigation [4263, 5293, 6676, 7054, 7135, 7157]
    • Added keyboard shortcuts and gesture navigation (listing viewer)
    • Added configurable email notify on signup [8855]
    • Added automatic cleanup for chv_deletions table [8974]
    • Added configurable maximum image upload size for guests [5280, 7280]
    • Added support for decimal values on image upload size
    • Added configurable album content count requirement for listings (explore)
    • Added settings hack to force HTTPS
    • Added image right-click mobile restriction [9277]
    • Added Amazon S3 Paris region [9473]
    • Added option to disable explorer for guests [7670]
    • Added GIF animation spin on mouseover (listings)
    • Improved list buttons (top right buttons)
    • Fixed bug in ID reservation system (collisions) [9452]
    • Fixed bug in liked content and delete menu option[9341]
    • Fixed bug in CloudFlare Rocket Loader [9219]
    • Fixed bug in views/album.php [9216]
    • Fixed bug in PUP SDK (Discuz!, Discourse) [9450]
    • Fixed bug in System notifications emails (language) [9279]
    • Fixed bug in listing editor (album name dropdown)
    • Fixed bug in class.lock.php
    • Fixed bug in route.json.php (encoded ids)
    • Fixed bug in anywhere upload (missing scroll on mobile device) [9226]
    • Fixed bug in password protected album listings (admin) [9422]
    • Updated Dutch and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.5

    Released on October 14th 2017

    • Added more image auto delete times [8218]
    • Added PUP SDK manual mode
    • Added session.save_path $settings key [9170]
    • Improved settings handle priority
    • Fixed bug in class.listing.php (wrong “Where” clause handling)
    • Fixed bug in class.image.php (missed NULL values)
    • Fixed bug in app/loader.php with capped memory limit at 256M
    • Fixed bug in send email (extra line break handling)
    • Fixed bug in dashboard (typo) [9167]
    • Fixed bug in chevereto.js
    • Removed unused code related to HTML-based page
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil) translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.4

    Released on October 2nd 2017

    • Added homepage cover restriction for mobile devices [9080]
    • Added “user-image” class in breadcrum_owner_card [9104]
    • Added override support for tpl_list_item folder [7992]
    • Added search support for email addresses (admin only) [7763]
    • Added support for wildcard * character in IP search [5727]
    • Added support for wildcard * character in IP bans [5727]
    • Removed meta keywords tag (not needed)
    • Improved PUP SDK base CSS
    • Improved PUP SDK support for SMF, Discuz! and phpBB [9130]
    • Improved send_mail function (Multipart MIME) [9135]
    • Improved IP ban modal error handle
    • Fixed conflicts with CloudFlare Rocket Loader (JavaScript defer)
    • Fixed XSS vulnerability in image page
    • Fixed bug in PUP SDK (missing auto-insert)
    • Updated Czech, Dutch, Finnish, German and Norwegian Bokmål translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.3

    Released on September 23rd 2017

    • Added notification bell icon (top bar)
    • Added option to toggle /plugin route (enable/disable) [9038]
    • Added option to customize PUP SDK URL
    • Added PUP SDK dev file (pup.dev.js)
    • Improved PUP SDK insertion code (doesn’t require id attribute anymore) [9049]
    • Improved PUP SDK data-fit-editor=”0” option behavior
    • Improved icon user for top bar menu
    • Fixed bug in PUP SDK (fit-editor=”0” and live event observer)
    • Fixed bug in class.listing.php [9075]
    • Fixed bug in /user following page (text overlap) [9045]
    • Fixed bug in top bar notifications [9060]
    • Fixed bug in /dashboard (tag typo) [9054]
    • Fixed bug in top bar menu when using white/grey button color [9062]
    • Fixed bug in cookie law box [9078]
    • Updated Czech, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.2

    Released on September 18th 2017

    • Added upload plugin
    • Added option to enable/disable content deletion for users
    • Added permission check for session.save_path
    • Added check for server time zone errors
    • Added /upload route
    • Improved JS load performance (no render blocking)
    • Improved passwords maximum length to 128 chars (OWASP recommendation)
    • Improved queue listing (conflicting margins)
    • Improved “mixed” file naming algorithm + increased random chars from 5 to 16
    • Improved uploader display texts according to target device
    • Improved tob-bar for mobile devices
    • Improved pop-menu behavior
    • Improved dashboard view (mobile)
    • Improved file naming (replaces spaces with dash)
    • Improved language handling (ISO format)
    • Patched XSS exploit (undisclosed)
    • Fixed bug in listing scroll conflicting with touch devices
    • Fixed bug in album listing (extra “/”)
    • Fixed bug in wrong notifications (updates)
    • Fixed bug in false positive exception at CHV\Lock class
    • Fixed bug in auto image resize (images passing this restriction)
    • Fixed bug in listing tabs under /user when not using username routing
    • Fixed bug in explore listings and not showing own NSFW content
    • Fixed bug in anywhere upload cancel queue function (exception)
    • Fixed bug in anywhere upload embed codes and cancel function (duplicated lines)
    • Fixed bug in pop-boxes (window cutoff)
    • Fixed bug in explore listing when disabling “likes” feature
    • Fixed bug in mobile menu icons
    • Updated Czech, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.10.1

    Released on July 12th 2017

    • Added album_name index (improves performance)
    • Fixed bug in alphabetical album sort
    • Fixed bug in album when showing embed content

    iCyber.me v3.10.0

    Released on July 10th 2017

    • Added alphabetical sort order for albums
    • Fixed bug in homepage explore routing and bad website title
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Finnish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Swedish translations

    iCyber.me v3.9.5

    Released on June 22nd 2017

    • Added default NGINX rules
    • Fixed bug in wrong listing pagination

    iCyber.me v3.9.4

    Released on June 21st 2017

    • Added arrow album navigation for images shared with “anyone with the link” option
    • Added album preview image when sharing to social networks
    • Improved styling on password gate
    • Improved /?random functionality
    • Improved .htaccess rules
    • Deprecated Shmop class (fix queues issues)
    • Fixed bug in password protected albums and not working reCaptcha
    • Fixed bug in not found listings when using homepage as route explore
    • Fixed bug in explore/popular triggered by disabled likes feature
    • Updated Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Finnish, French and Portuguese (Brazil) translations

    iCyber.me v3.9.3

    Released on June 4th 2017

    • Added “Following” to Explore menu (shows content added by people you follow)
    • Added “Following” and “Followers” to user menu
    • Removed “Animated” from Explore menu if GIF upload is disabled
    • Fixed bug in route.json.php (security issue)
    • Fixed bug in category listing (banned user content)
    • Fixed bug in disabled upload setting affecting administrators
    • Updated G\ to v1.0.38
    • Updated Chinese simplified translation

    iCyber.me v3.9.2

    Released on May 27th 2017

    • Fixed bug in CHV\recaptcha_check()
    • Updated Chinese Simplified translation

    iCyber.me v3.9.1

    Released on May 26th 2017

    • Added filter to hide banned user content from /explore
    • Added is_upload_enabled() theme conditional
    • Added webkit CSS vendor prefixes (fixes issues with old mobile browsers)
    • Fixed bug in class.lock.php (PHP 5.5 incompatibility)
    • Fixed bug in [data-login-needed] links (upload, like, etc.)
    • Fixed bug in snippets/anywhere_uploader.php (typo)
    • Fixed bug in stats.sql
    • Fixed bug in class.listing.php (album join clause)
    • Fixed bug in class.settings.php
    • Fixed bug in route.json.php (upload to album stuff)
    • Fixed bug in reCaptcha modal login box
    • Updated Chinese Traditional, Czech, French and Japanese translations
    • Updated G\ to v1.0.38

    iCyber.me v3.9.0

    Released on May 23rd 2017

    • Added animated GIF images listing (explore/animated)
    • Added trending content listing (explore/trending)
    • Added popular content listing (explore/popular)
    • Added recent content listing (explore/recent)
    • Added new Explore menu
    • Added album views count
    • Added album likes
    • Added “Upload to this album” button (user/album)
    • Added “Create new album” button
    • Added select album on upload
    • Added forced expirable images for guests (optional)
    • Added process lock system to avoid concurrency issues (Universal application)
    • Added button to add content when showing empty listings
    • Added indication in External storage about Amazon SDK & PHP < 5.5.0
    • Added CHV\Listing::getTabs() method
    • Added class.lock.php (lock system)
    • Added class.shmop.php (shared memory operations)
    • Removed privacy toggle from image uploader
    • Removed “or cancel” text from image uploader
    • Removed random mode button from mobile top bar
    • Removed user menu from mobile top bar
    • Removed notifications menu from mobile top bar
    • Improved image uploader look and feel (CSS styles and animation)
    • Improved image uploader translation placeholders
    • Improved list item title display (use CSS text-overflow to truncate titles)
    • Improved CHV\Stats::track method
    • Improved theme styling (minor changes)
    • Deprecated reCaptcha v1 support (v2 is supported)
    • Fixed bug in ID based file-naming (concurrency issues)
    • Fixed bug in user website URL display
    • Fixed bug in CHV\Image::uploadToWebsite (album ownership issue)
    • Fixed bug in class.image.php (security issue)
    • Fixed bug in class.image.php (stats track issue)
    • Fixed bug in user settings (private profile issue)
    • Fixed bug in user settings (security issue)
    • Fixed bug in upload queue handler (file input resetting)
    • Fixed bug in upload queue error handling
    • Fixed bug in get_image_fileinfo function
    • Fixed bug in top-bar styling when using dark tone
    • Fixed bug in listings when using 1 as items per page
    • Fixed bug in Exif handler
    • Fixed bug in image delete (autolike issues)
    • Updated G\ to v1.0.37
    • Updated Dutch, Finnish, German,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.8.13

    Released on March 30th 2017

    • Added missing Amazon S3 regions (Ohio, Canada, Mumbai, Seoul and London)
    • Improved Facebook connect handle
    • Improved max. image size load handling
    • Fixed bug in Facebook login
    • Fixed bug in uploader queue (misplaced edit buttons)
    • Updated Facebook PHP SDK (v5)
    • Updated Arabic, Czech and Portuguese (Brazil) translations
    • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.23

    iCyber.me v3.8.12

    Released on February 20th 2017

    • Added option to set maximum image width & height
    • Added stat_type index (improves performance)
    • Added focus to album select on move
    • Added NSFW blur for album thumbs and cover
    • Added missing translation placeholders
    • Improved resizing function (faster and less memory usage)
    • Improved content image uploads (removed file size limit on cover images)
    • Improved image upload maximum file size handling
    • Improved dashboard validations (integers)
    • Improved dashboard settings update
    • Fixed bug in disabled image formats and restricted content uploads
    • Fixed bug in upload queue handling when removing each image
    • Fixed bug in l10n functions (zero char issue)
    • Fixed bug in failed image upload (empty error report)
    • Updated Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ to v1.0.36
    • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.22

    Chevereto v3.8.11

    Released on January 22nd 2017

    • Fixed XSS vulnerability in Exif parser
    • Fixed XSS vulnerability in user profile
    • Fixed bug in content image upload filenames
    • Fixed bug in get_bytes function (issues with shorthand notation)
    • Updated Indonesian translation
    • Updated G\ Library to v1.0.35

    iCyber.me v3.8.10

    Released on January 10th 2017

    • Fixed bug with incorrect size handling
    • Fixed bug in homepage split mode
    • Fixed bug in dashboard menu under “tools” section

    iCyber.me v3.8.9

    Released on January 8th 2017

    • Added support for PHP 7.1
    • Added redirector for external URLs (zero link juice passing)
    • Added configurable file size for image load
    • Added integrity check for disabled DirectoryIterator, RegexIterator, Pdo and Exception classes
    • Removed reCaptcha on user settings form
    • Changed whois service to ipinfo.io
    • Improved mobile listings
    • Fixed bug in password protected albums (admin wasn’t able to see those contents)
    • Fixed bug in private content showing owner information
    • Fixed bug in /image Open Graph tags when the image is too big for facebook (GIF)
    • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.21 (security issues)
    • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ library to v1.0.34
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me v3.8.8

    Released on November 2nd 2016

    • Added OPCache flush when performing /install
    • Improved theme path check
    • Improved CHV\Settings handling
    • Fixed bug in logo height handling
    • Fixed bug in Dashboard email settings (Unsecured SMTP connections)

    iCyber.me v3.8.7

    Released on November 1st 2016

    • Improved logo height handling
    • Fixed bug in HTML 5 uploader
    • Fixed bug in dashboard theme form
    • Fixed bug in SMTP unsecure connections
    • Fixed bug in pop-box menu (broken display)
    • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.16
    • Updated Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Turkish translations

    iCyber.me v3.8.6

    Released on October 28th 2016

    • Added Cache-control headers to OpenStack and Google Cloud
    • Improved image loader button (big images)
    • Improved queue handling
    • Fixed bug in HTML 5 uploader
    • Fixed bug in base stats counter
    • Fixed bug in queue handling
    • Fixed bug in user settings when removing email address
    • Fixed bug in user ban functionality when no email is associated
    • Fixed bug in /install (recurring ALTER table)
    • Fixed bug in /install when updating from 2.X
    • Fixed bug in automatic updates check functionality
    • Updated Peafowl framework
    • Updated Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.8.5

    Released on October 24th 2016

    • Improved integrity check (PHP 5.4.0 panic)
    • Improved enabled languages display for mobile (dashboard)
    • Improved dashboard links (Chevereto)
    • Fixed bug in not working custom PDO attributes
    • Fixed bug in Disqus SSO
    • Fixed bug in language settings (dashboard)
    • Fixed bug in theme settings (dashboard)
    • Deprecated user-scalable=no
    • Updated Chinese Traditional, French, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ Library to 1.0.33

    iCyber.me v3.8.4

    Released on October 19th 2016

    • Added support for Disqus SSO
    • Added registration IP flood detection
    • Added automatic removal of not confirmed user accounts
    • Added configurable supported image formats
    • Added more homepage banners
    • Added support for private users likes/liked content
    • Added support for custom PDO params at settings.php (database settings)
    • Added support for multiple upload threads (simultaneous uploads)
    • Added option to disable automatic daily updates check
    • Added embed codes output for all images within an album
    • Improved Disqus language display (uses visitor selected language)
    • Improved copy button behavior for mobile devices
    • Improved uploader queue handling (doesn’t hang on big queue)
    • Improved support for corrupted JPG files (recoverable files)
    • Improved /json image listing speed
    • Improved CHV.fn.uploader (js uploader)
    • Improved integrity check script
    • Fixed homepage “after cover” NSFW handling
    • Fixed bug with not working CloudFlare client ip detection (some installs)
    • Fixed bug with not working API calls due to consent screen
    • Fixed bug with invalid Exif image descriptions
    • Fixed bug in CHV\Image::insert
    • Fixed bug in CHV\Image::delete
    • Fixed bug in CHV\Image::uploadToWebsite
    • Fixed bug in watermark tempnam generation
    • Fixed bug in automatic updates check
    • Fixed bug in remote URL upload parse (not working BBCode)
    • Fixed bug in external storage disk usage counter
    • Fixed bug in routing form (pattern validation issues)
    • Fixed bug in HTML 5 input validations (wrong pattern issues)
    • Deprecated homepage “before cover” banner
    • Deprecated client-side resizing
    • Deprecated external storage image check on /image
    • Updated G\ to v1.0.32
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.8.3

    Released on August 18th 2016

    • Fixed bug in /following
    • Fixed bug in profile followers/following (listing tools)
    • Fixed bug in image viewer (zoom in/out not working after loading large image)
    • Fixed bug in resolving non existent dashboard URLs

    iCyber.me v3.8.2

    Released on August 17th 2016

    • Fixed bug in listings (not working disable NSFW images)
    • Fixed bug in category listings (wrong display / MySQL issues)

    iCyber.me v3.8.1

    Released on August 16th 2016

    • Added new and faster listing system
    • Highly improved listing performance (MySQL)
    • Improved external storage performance (lookup for existing files)
    • Improved system check script (missing functions)
    • Fixed bug in routes missing keywords
    • Fixed bug in listings (small images overlaps)
    • Fixed bug in user search box (close icon)
    • Fixed bug in homepage (white page)
    • Fixed bug in owner card (empty image count)
    • Fixed bug in core functions (not working CDN)
    • Fixed bug in route.image.php
    • Fixed bug in image view (editable current tab)
    • Fixed bug in listing column count (large screen)
    • Fixed bug in Norwegian language
    • Updated Arabic, Chinese Simplified, French and German translations

    iCyber.me v3.8.0

    Released on July 17th 2016

    • Added password protected albums
    • Added extended support for animated GIF images
    • Added GIF load button to listings (same as Facebook)
    • Added automatic check for new updates
    • Added notification + email on new update available
    • Added support for multiple home cover images
    • Added animated home cover slideshow
    • Added WhatsApp share button
    • Added configurable duplicate upload prevention
    • Improved album cover image (listings)
    • Improved password minimum length to 6 characters
    • Improved translation placeholders (time strings)
    • Improved “This content is private change...” text
    • Improved tone-dark styles
    • Improved pagination style for mobile
    • Improved listing speed (removed extra data)
    • Improved default .htaccess rules (support for Apache 2.2 and 2.4)
    • Fixed bug in dashboard users list (not showing private profiles)
    • Fixed bug in image edit modal (not resetting form when creating an album)
    • Fixed bug in user profile page (no avatar on follow scroll)
    • Fixed bug in album page (selectable items)
    • Fixed bug in translations (contact page)
    • Fixed bug in login route (security)
    • Updated Peafowl framework
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me v3.7.5

    Released on May 30th 2016

    • Added private profiles
    • Added configurable virtual routes (images & albums)
    • Added configurable redirect on single upload
    • Added auto-disable notifications for personal mode or disabled social features
    • Added “Following” to top user menu
    • Added load button for large images
    • Improved image uploader (better memory management)
    • Improved OpenStack support
    • Improved top logo link target
    • Fixed bug in search with invalid parameters
    • Fixed bug in login/signup box off-screen
    • Fixed bug in singup when using minimum age requirement
    • Fixed bug in image form when selecting album
    • Fixed bug in update from V2 and missing stats
    • Fixed bug in album listings (long album title)
    • Fixed bug in route.api.php when using URL source
    • Updated Spanish and Russian translations

    iCyber.me v3.7.4

    Released on April 23rd 2016

    • Fixed not working “Most liked” listing
    • Fixed security issue in user profile page
    • Fixed styling bug in consent screen when using dark tone
    • Fixed bug in Serbian translation
    • Updated Finnish, French, German and Russian translations

    iCyber.me v3.7.3

    Released on April 16th 2016

    • Added configurable on/off social features (follows & likes)
    • Added category disable feature when explorer is disabled
    • Added redirect to image on single image upload
    • Added configurable minimum age restriction on sign up
    • Added consent screen for adult / porn websites
    • Added notification (email) when an external storage fails
    • Added copy embed codes for dynamic list selection
    • Added absolute time display when hovering relative dates
    • Improved maintenance page
    • Fixed bug in search function
    • Fixed bug in private mode and album listings
    • Fixed bug related to apple-touch-icon
    • Fixed bug in maintenance mode
    • Fixed bug in meta apostrophes character encoding
    • Fixed bug in route.api.php
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations
    • Updated G\ to 1.0.29

    iCyber.me v3.7.2

    Released on March 10th 2016

    • Added “oldest” view option
    • Added IP album and IP user search
    • Added alphabetical order for album dropdown selection
    • Added configurable fixed medium size dimension (width or height)
    • Added one-click copy embed codes button
    • Improved image embed codes
    • Improved Dashboard > Email SMTP log handler
    • Improved sharing codes labels
    • Improved filename handling on upload (removed starting dots)
    • Improved Facebook class error reporting
    • Fixed bug in class.notifications.php
    • Fixed bug in conflicting ob_gzhandler in G\render\json_output()
    • Fixed bug in not working SFTP external storage
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Czech, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations

    iCyber.me v3.7.1

    Released on January 30th 2016

    • Added edit icon indicator for each image preview on upload
    • Added halt for invalid file extension on upload
    • Added support for PHP 7
    • Added admin notice when using error_reporting in production
    • Added translation placeholders for update process
    • Improved class.sftp.php
    • Improved class.ftp.php
    • Improved custom CSS functionality
    • Improved storage error display
    • Fixed security issue in listings
    • Fixed bug in non working duplicate image detection when using watermarks
    • Fixed bug in user settings with mandatory email field for social login
    • Fixed bug in fullscreen loader
    • Fixed bug in album view when selecting album description text
    • Fixed bug in user profile and untranslated followers label
    • Fixed bug in image list when assigning multiple images to an album
    • Fixed bug in user settings when unlinking a social account
    • Fixed bug in image viewer with panorama images
    • Fixed bug in image viewer with false positive 404 page (external storage images)
    • Fixed bug in Twitter sharer when no account has been set-up
    • Fixed bug in class.search.php with "q" parameter handling
    • Fixed bug in test email feature and unbinded $t parameter
    • Fixed bug in anywhere uploader with NSFW input handling
    • Fixed bug in search template and empty title
    • Fixed syntax bug in route.api.php
    • Fixed syntax bug in route.dashboard.php
    • Updated Amazon PHP SDK to v3.14.0
    • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.14
    • Updated phpseclib library
    • Updated G\ Library to v1.0.27
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese translations

    iCyber.me v3.7.0

    Released on November 26th 2015

    • Added user follow system
    • Added following content stream
    • Added following/followers lists
    • Added image likes
    • Added “Most liked” listing filter
    • Added user liked list
    • Added user cumulative content view counter
    • Added notifications system
    • Added Markdown embed codes
    • Added album creation and registration IPs
    • Added table for deleted images
    • Added global stats counter for images, albums, users and likes
    • Added daily stats counter
    • Added support for template hooks ($handler::hookTemplate())
    • Improved theme font-size (16px)
    • Improved user listing style
    • Improved album listing style
    • Improved general listings when using mobile
    • Deprecated “Logged user logo link” feature
    • Deprecated “Oldest” list filter
    • Fixed bug in route.explore.php when using homepage style “route explorer”
    • Fixed bug in default contact page and missing form values on reCaptcha error
    • Fixed bug in lag issues when deleting images from OpenStack API
    • Fixed bug in phablet view and user avatar on user profile page
    • Fixed bug in custom homepage relative cta URL
    • Updated translations: Chinese Simplified, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish

    iCyber.me 3.6.9

    Released on October 24th 2015

    • Added album flood detection
    • Added support for extended theme overrides
    • Added AWS cache-control string
    • Added Open Sans font as local resource
    • Improved /search list handling
    • Improved SESSION support detection
    • Improved list item tools animation
    • Improved class scopes
    • Improved email error log
    • Fixed XSS vulnerability in /search
    • Fixed bug in 2.X update procedure
    • Fixed bug in disabled image expiration setting and user settings page
    • Fixed bug in album description text select on drag select
    • Fixed bug in not working maintenance page
    • Fixed bug in invalid flood reports due to wrong timezone handling
    • Fixed bug in Exif info grabber (image title)
    • Fixed bug in mobile menu scroll
    • Fixed bug in mobile menu on Firefox
    • Fixed bug in image delete
    • Fixed bug in conflicting header login box
    • Fixed bug in header about menu icons
    • Fixed bug in some translations and its plural forms
    • Fixed bug in anywhere-upload textarea
    • Fixed bug in reCaptcha login modal
    • Fixed bug in .growl.static class
    • Updated Finnish, French, Italian and Ukrainian translations

    iCyber.me 3.6.8

    Released on August 29th 2015

    • Added updater script
    • Added support for NSFW banners
    • Added automatic image delete
    • Added functionality to take image title from Exif data
    • Added remove image Exif data option
    • Added test email feature
    • Added guest uploads map to new registered user content
    • Added home landing animation
    • improved animations performance
    • Improved drag-select behavior
    • Improved modal boxes
    • Improved support for large resolutions (including 4K)
    • Improved image zoom viewer
    • Improved class.settings.php
    • Fixed bug with NSFW flag and image edit on upload
    • Fixed bug with anywhere uploader gap
    • Fixed bug with conflicting default page_display setting
    • Fixed bug with Exif data handling
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me 3.6.7

    Released on July 30th 2015

    • Added image upload from clipboard (Ctrl+V)
    • Added pages manager
    • Improved default contact page
    • Improved drag select functionality
    • Fixed bug with non working profile image upload
    • Fixed bug with double MySQL queries
    • Fixed bug in ID file naming
    • Fixed bug in doctitles with UTF-8 chars
    • Fixed bug in default contact page and non-latin chars
    • Fixed bug in CloudFlare settings toggle
    • Fixed bug in listing class
    • Deprecated theme based pages
    • Updated Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ Library
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.6.6

    Released on July 15th 2015

    • Added ID padding
    • Added ID based file naming
    • Improved album slice queries
    • Improved overall MySQL performance
    • Fixed bug in adaptive watermarks
    • Fixed bug in uploader title editor
    • Fixed bug in /album related to prefilled form values
    • Fixed bug in dashboard mail method select
    • Removed Cloudflare on/off detection
    • Removed hreflang implementation
    • Updated Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ Library

    iCyber.me 3.6.5

    Released on June 28th 2015

    • Added client and server side image resize
    • Added adaptive watermarks
    • Added extended uploader options
    • Added configurable minimum size needed to apply watermark
    • Added configurable toggle for watermarks on GIF images
    • Added blur-off when hovering images flagged as NSFW
    • Added get_checkbox_html render function
    • Increased image_title and album_name length
    • Improved image watermark functionality
    • Improved G\getUrlHaders function
    • Improved background for transparent images in image viewer
    • Improved uploader queue functionality and styling
    • Improved uploader semantics
    • Disabled watermarks for animated GIF images
    • Fixed bug in class.image.php regarding an illegal offset
    • Fixed bug in G\Gettext class
    • Fixed bug in watermark JPG images when using full watermark opacity
    • Fixed bug in upload top-bar toggle effect queue
    • Fixed bug in non displaying new queue buttons after queue done
    • Fixed bug in homepage route explorer and not working querystrings
    • Fixed bug in contact page (wrong IP address)
    • Fixed some language strings (Spanish)
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hunagrian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages.
    • Updated G\ Library
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.6.4

    Released on May 29th 2015

    • Added EU cookie law policy compliance
    • Added configurable on/off blur effect for NSFW content
    • Added message on sign up when using a non activated account
    • Improved handle for resend activation email (hide email address when needed)
    • Improved header theme HTML tag attributes
    • Improved CHV\send_mail function
    • Fixed bug with Yahoo email delivery
    • Fixed bug with album share via e-mail
    • Fixed bug with invalid HTML tags in email
    • Fixed bug with external storage + CDN referrer
    • Fixed bug with sign up page and top bar current link color
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish translations
    • Updated PHPMailer to 5.2.10
    • Updated Peafowl framework
    • Updated G\ Library

    iCyber.me 3.6.3

    Released on May 15th 2015

    • Added support for OpenStack storage
    • Added theme overrides
    • Added extended debug functionality
    • Improved drag select (wrapper added)
    • Improved mobile display menu
    • Improved pop-box menu animation
    • Improved CloudFlare IP handling
    • Improved some language strings
    • Improved G\get_client_ip function
    • Improved G\DB defaults handle
    • Improved selection status (mobile)
    • Fixed bug in mobile top bar styles
    • Fixed bug in endless listing (server overload)
    • Fixed bug in “clear selection” list pop box menu
    • Fixed bug in Storage modal form
    • Fixed bug in Google Cloud Storage
    • Fixed bug with \n char in a language string
    • Fixed bug with PHP fatal error on duplicate upload detector (URL)
    • Fixed bug with wrong growl placement in mobile (modal box)
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations
    • Updated G\ Library
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.6.2

    Released on April 29th 2015

    • Added personal mode
    • Added support for Google Cloud storage
    • Added drag select to select multiple items in listings
    • Added duplicate upload detector (IP + MD5)
    • Added custom hook for section
    • Improved storages handling
    • Improved storage class
    • Improved queue class
    • Improved list item style
    • Improved G\truncate function
    • Improved G\fetch_url function
    • Fixed list item selection flicker
    • Fixed bugs in modal form inputs (severe bugs)
    • Fixed bugs in class.l10n.php
    • Fixed bugs in dark theme
    • Fixed bugs in close modal function
    • Fixed bugs in image zoom in/out
    • Fixed bugs in user signup and language selection
    • Fixed bugs with multibyte chars
    • Fixed bugs with Open Sans (default font)
    • Fixed bugs with G\abbreviate_number function
    • Updated all major languages
    • Updated Google PHP API
    • Updated jQuery UI
    • Updated G\ Library
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.6.1

    Released on April 14th 2015

    • Added support for translation overrides
    • Added translation cache feature
    • Added configurable watermark on/off setting by user group
    • Added configurable homepage title, paragraph and call to action function
    • Added configurable enabled languages
    • Added configurable on/off language chooser
    • Added list select/clear all toggle
    • Added readonly attribute to input embed codes
    • Added homepage OpenGraph image
    • Added hreflang attributes
    • Improved language handling (up to 44% faster)
    • Improved language change function (user settings)
    • Improved display for html body id
    • Improved theme top-bar display
    • Improved mobile listing menu style and animation
    • Improved tracking code placement (just before closing tag)
    • Improved Peafowl default design
    • Improved user breadcrumb display
    • Improved upload add image behaviour
    • Improved listing edit tools display
    • Fixed bug in class.minify.php
    • Fixed bug in /user/username 404 page
    • Fixed bug in IP search
    • Fixed bug in image pre-loading and zoom in
    • Fixed bug in Facebook sharer
    • Fixed bug in Facebook username handle on /connect
    • Fixed bug in Firefox mobile
    • Fixed bug with header missing functions
    • Fixed bug with translations that have complex plural forms (Russian, Ukrainian, etc.)
    • Fixed bug with division by zero issue
    • Fixed bug with mobile menu and top bar custom color button
    • Fixed bug with homepage split mode and transparent top-bar scroll
    • Added Slovak translation
    • Deprecated .mo translations for .po translations
    • Deprecated php-gettext vendor class
    • Updated all translations
    • Updated G\ Library to 1.0.24
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.6.0

    Released on March 27th 2015

    • Added user bio feature
    • Added user NSFW content display on/off setting
    • Added user newsletter on/off setting
    • Added user avatar display in user listing scroll
    • Added support for Twitter cards
    • Added minify code feature (JS and CSS)
    • Added functions to convert URLs into HTML links
    • Added resizeable URL upload box
    • Added configurable setting to show/hide Exif data for images
    • Added configurable theme top bar setting (black or white)
    • Added configurable theme main active color
    • Added configurable homepage call-to-action button color and style
    • Improved titles and descriptions (SEO)
    • Improved user settings handle (security)
    • Improved user cover background animation on scroll
    • Improved base language strings
    • Improved website system images storage
    • Improved install settings values
    • Improved class.image.php exceptions
    • Improved class.listing.php output
    • Improved class.settings.php behaviour
    • Improved theme footer.php handling
    • Improved theme js handling (homepage, index, user, footer)
    • Fixed bug in search function when using InnoDB
    • Fixed bug with unescaped chars in Peafowl listings
    • Fixed bug in user profile scroll function
    • Fixed bug in category name listing title
    • Fixed bug in album listing NSFW content (using endless scroll)
    • Fixed bug in modal forms (check box values)
    • Fixed bug in upload when using multi-byte URLs
    • Fixed bug in sort order before upload
    • Fixed bug in banner codes with sensitive chars
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations
    • Updated G\ Library to 1.0.23
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.5.21

    Released on March 4th 2015

    • Improved Facebook and Twitter login handle
    • Fixed bug in user albums search
    • Fixed bug in login function (redirect to /json)
    • Fixed bug in banner codes with “&” char
    • Fixed bug with not working Facebook cover image fetch
    • Added Greek language
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Dutch, German and Russian translations
    • Updated G\ Library
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.5.20

    Released on February 25th 2015

    • Added configurable right click for image viewer page
    • Added image loader indicator in image viewer page
    • Added function to fetch Facebook cover image to user background image
    • Improved content listing when using several columns
    • Improved content listing delete animation
    • Improved integrity check functions
    • Improved content listing tools display
    • Improved home cover handling (prevents cache issues)
    • Improved iCyber.me-hook handling
    • Fixed translation issues in several languages
    • Fixed issues on category listing menu (header top menu)
    • Fixed gap issues when using zoom in image viewer page
    • Fixed white flicker in image viewer page
    • Fixed “%d seconds” stats bug
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations
    • Updated Peafowl framework
    • Updated G\ Library

    iCyber.me 3.5.19

    Released on February 13th 2015

    • Added configurable setting for user background profile and avatar (file size)
    • Added doctitle update on image/album edit
    • Improved website listing style (albums and users)
    • Improved custom_hooks handling
    • Improved login handle (redirects to last viewed URL)
    • Fixed bugs in image edit modal
    • Updated Chinese Simplified, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.18

    Released on February 7th 2015

    • Fixed not working IP ban with optional expire date
    • Fixed modal box form issues
    • Fixed bug on invalid login attempts and reCaptcha
    • Assorted improvements in Peafowl front-end
    • Removed unnecessary save button in some dashboard settings

    iCyber.me 3.5.17

    Released on February 2nd 2015

    • Improved mobile side menu and top bar
    • Improved album and user list display
    • Improved Peafowl modal box animation (Windows and Linux systems)
    • Improved Peafowl style (small improvements)
    • Fixed Peafowl JS issue in modal box forms
    • Fixed modal box styling issues using dark theme
    • Updated Ukrainian language

    iCyber.me 3.5.16

    Released on January 30th 2015

    • Improved mobile side menu and top bar
    • Improved growl styling
    • Improved Peafowl modal form handling
    • Improved anywhere upload animation
    • Fixed XSS vulnerability
    • Fixed not working advanced search form
    • Fixed display issues in user search input
    • Fixed typo issue in email welcome template
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.15

    Released on January 26th 2015

    • Added configurable homepage settings (style, cover image, routing)
    • Added configurable listing dashboard settings (style, columns, etc.)
    • Added support for reCAPTCHA dark theme
    • Added configurable setting for logged user logo link
    • Added Ukrainian translation
    • Improved fluid listings (no more gaps)
    • Improved requestlog class
    • Improved watermark handling (admin settings)
    • Improved contact form handling
    • Improved IP ban handling
    • Improved image class (params handling)
    • Improved listings (mobile)
    • Improved reCAPTCHA handling
    • Improved flood notification system
    • Improved mail function
    • Changed default maintenance image
    • Fixed issues in resize class
    • Updated PHPMailer (version 5.2.9)
    • Updated Peafowl framework
    • Updated French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.14

    Released on January 15th 2015

    • Added IP-based banning system
    • Added support for reCaptcha V2
    • Fixed issues when editing image in album view
    • Fixed issues when adding duplicated category
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ Library
    • Updated Peafowl framework

    iCyber.me 3.5.13

    Released on January 7th 2015

    • Added advanced search feature
    • Added system notice regarding default email settings
    • Improved logout handler
    • Improved installer script (email handle)
    • Improved basic search routing
    • Improved modal share
    • Improved user profile display (mobile)
    • Fixed security issue in user settings page
    • Fixed issues with non-working queue handler
    • Fixed bugs with non-working FTP deletes
    • Fixed bugs with private mode (since 3.5.12)

    iCyber.me 3.5.12

    Released on January 1st 2015

    • Added maintenance mode with custom maintenance page
    • Added admin system notices feature
    • Added support for comma separated home user ids
    • Added support for Frankfurt S3 region
    • Added Korean language
    • Added support for email port 80 (GoDaddy)
    • Improved theme settings handle
    • Fixed some language issues (en.po)
    • Fixed issue with typo error in account welcome mail template
    • Fixed issue with upload button and website private mode on
    • Fixed issue with not working user search
    • Updated Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.11

    Released on December 14th 2014

    • Improved queue handling (queue status and attempts)
    • Improved tabs style
    • Fixed issues with Android devices in image listings
    • Fixed issues with SFTP/FTP queue handling
    • Fixed issues with private mode + “anyone with the link” setting
    • Fixed issues with user settings menu in mobile
    • Minor class error handler improvements

    iCyber.me 3.5.10

    Released on November 25th 2014

    • Added tool to mass edit content category
    • Added UTF-8 locale to avoid filename issues
    • Improved mobile menu animations
    • Improved modal boxes headings (use of span tag)
    • Fixed issue with upload and move to album feature
    • Fixed small ui issue in SFW/NSFW flagging system
    • Updated Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.9

    Released on November 18th 2014

    • Added separated image titles and descriptions
    • Added a more wider default style
    • Removed render block imagesLoaded event
    • Improved list style and list loading method
    • Fixed issues with image view and https storages

    iCyber.me 3.5.8

    Released on November 11th 2014

    • Added Arabic and Czech translations
    • Improved search method (Full text search)
    • Fixed issues in user editing

    iCyber.me 3.5.7

    Released on November 2nd 2014

    • Added support for VK social network login
    • Added support for SFTP storage servers
    • Added support for FTP/SFTP custom port
    • Added S3 and SFTP to queue delete system
    • Improved handling of queues
    • Improved update script
    • Improved logout method of CHV\Login
    • Fixed assorted bugs in CHV\Login
    • Fixed bugs in Android file picker and image uploader
    • Fixed bug with “view more” album link
    • Fixed bug with spanish word “Cargando y olé!”
    • Fixed bug with disabled user routing and old image short URLs
    • Fixed bug with mandatory storage server address
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.6

    Released on October 29th 2014

    • Improved folder handle for setups using folder permissions (chmod thing)
    • Improved animation top menu display (mobile)
    • Fixed bug in non working “unlimited” value for storage capacity
    • Fixed bug in admin dashboard sub-tabs
    • Fixed bug in admin dashboard lists
    • Fixed bug in javascript toggle storage active checkbox
    • Fixed bug in image album actions in /user
    • Fixed bug in dashboard listings and list bulk actions
    • Fixed bug in update script for old 2.X versions
    • Fixed bug in image viewer top bar (mobile)
    • Fixed bug in non working big red upload button (mobile android)
    • Improved README.txt update steps

    iCyber.me 3.5.5

    Released on October 25th 2014

    • Added support for FTP external storage servers
    • Added support for multiple active external storages (sequential)
    • Added more stats for local and external storage
    • Added auto fix mode to switch to available storage
    • Added option to set the storage capacity on a given external storage
    • Added tracking of external storage space being used
    • Added search operators to search files in local or external storage
    • Improved tracking of disk space used by each image, medium and thumb
    • Improved album search (titles and descriptions)
    • Improved user and album counters
    • Improved PHP and JS file size converters
    • Improved MVC abstraction
    • Fixed bug with forced private mode and external storage
    • Fixed bug with private mode and non working API
    • Fixed issues with CloudFlare HTTPS
    • Fixed issues with empty user search
    • Updated G\ Library to 1.0.18

    iCyber.me 3.5.4

    Released on October 11th 2014

    • Improved installer and updater script
    • Fixed issues with albums and external storage
    • Updated Chinese Simplified and Japanese translations

    iCyber.me 3.5.3

    Released on October 9th 2014

    • Added support for Amazon S3 regions
    • Added search operator storage:
    • Improved installer script
    • Fixed issue with not working API upload
    • Fixed issue with not changing storage bucket

    iCyber.me 3.5.2

    Released on October 6th 2014

    • Fixed issues with table prefix

    iCyber.me 3.5.1

    Released on October 5th 2014

    • Fixed file naming issue affecting all the uploaded files

    iCyber.me 3.5.0

    Released on October 4th 2014

    • Added support for storages (Amazon S3)
    • Added gzip compression for JSON responses (ob_gzhandler)
    • Added full friendly Exif image info display
    • Added Japanese translation
    • Improved modal boxes
    • Improved top bar display icons (phablet issues)
    • Improved default user avatar display
    • Improved image viewer image display
    • Improved image view counters
    • Improved image alt attribute usage
    • Improved display of private images
    • Improved theme structure (/views folder)
    • Fixed issues with conflicting location hash
    • Fixed issues with random file naming and image title/descriptions
    • Fixed issues with non closing growl alerts
    • Fixed issues with social login connect feature
    • Fixed issues with Facebook og:image
    • Fixed issues in album and image edit
    • Fixed wrong behavior in image embed codes after upload
    • Fixed wrong display in modal login (mobile devices)
    • Fixed wrong instance handle in class.l10n.php
    • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ library

    iCyber.me 3.4.6

    Released on September 9th 2014

    • Added universal drop zone for drag&drop uploads
    • Added automatic image descriptions from filename
    • Improved username restrictions (existing folders)
    • Improved modal animation
    • Improved base64 API usage
    • Improved image zoom effect
    • Fixed EXIF issues
    • Fixed medium size regeneration issues
    • Fixed issues with social login/sign up
    • Fixed not working API
    • Fixed issues with URL upload
    • Fixed issues with disable sign up and existing users add social network connection
    • Fixed medium size generation upper scale for animated images
    • Fixed issues with NSFW images and random mode
    • Updated German translation

    iCyber.me 3.4.5

    Released on September 3rd 2014

    • Added configurable on/off email confirmation on signup
    • Added configurable on/off required email for users using social networks
    • Added configurable route mapping support for /username requests
    • Added /install route (deprecated old install.php)
    • Added parallax scrolling effect in user profile background
    • Improved image listing style
    • Improved user profile style
    • Improved private mode login page style
    • Improved top-bar style
    • Improved list tools style
    • Improved pagination style
    • Improved modal box animations
    • Fixed issue with settings menu in mobile devices
    • Fixed issue with wrong language code in user registrations
    • Fixed issue with account confirmation display
    • Fixed issue with 404 template with disabled search feature
    • Fixed issue with uploader overflow
    • Fixed issue with private mode login page and sign up button
    • Fixed issue with category 0 (zero)
    • Fixed not working route overrides
    • Updated Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations
    • Updated G\ to 1.0.16
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